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Anastasia in the house!

A ton of you saw our posts on positions we were hiring for over the last couple weeks and we are pumped to announce that we found an amazing fit. Anastasia will be heading up the embroidery section of Trinity and we caught up with her the other day to find out the details of who she is and what she saw in Trinity to want to join the crew.




Anastasia Malissovas


My nickname is actually a shortened version of my full name which is the last four letters of Anastasia. But the pronunciation isn’t like the continent! it is Ahseeah and that stemmed from when my twin sister and I were babies and she couldn’t say my full name. And it just stuck!


I’m a born and raised Florida girl but 100% Greek with Greek being my first language and growing up loving the Florida sun but trying to avoid a tan for so many years!

Latest Spotify mix?

I actually don’t have a Spotify (maybe I’m the only one) but my latest mix cd(because, yes i still use those!) is anything from Marvin Gaye to The Veronicas to The Killers to Phantogram.

What do you do here?

Here at Trinity Graphics, I prepare items for clients who want stitched out logos and make sure the embroidery machine is running smoothly to ensure neat items to be sent out! It’s hard work but it’s in a creative environment with a team that strives for great quality and I feel like an important member!

What inspires you?

A lot of things inspire me, of course, sometimes what most people find unattractive, I can usually see the beauty in it. Love and it’s whirlpool of emotions inspires me, music/lyrics, fashion and even myself. We are all full of surprises and that in itself is a great way to form inspiration that makes you want to keep going.

What motivated you to want to work with TG?

The motivation I had and still have to work at Trinity Graphics is the hands on creative processes it provides and the respected teamwork that anyone wishes to have in a work environment. That makes the hour drive I have to take worth it!




What’s your favorite part about the daily hustle at TG?

My favorite part of the hustle and bustle here, is getting to make mistakes from all the new things I learn and then striving to make myself better each day.

Any last words?

I just want to say that it takes a bit of heart and love for art to work at Trinity Graphics and any other place like it, because if you don’t appreciate the process then you won’t get the great satisfaction and fun that we get to have everyday!




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