After grad school at Stetson, it was time to get a job. Trinity founder Scooter Cardoza always had a passion for the creative process and began to consider screen-printing. So he spoke with his professor.

Scooter Cardoza


Hi. Surprised to see me getting my hands dirty? Even though I’m the founder, I still love the craft. That’s the type of company we are. Nothing is above anyone and we all take pride in everything we do. On a personal note, I’m inspired by challenges, love my wife and dog, and my favorite tshirt is a Flash Gordon retro tee.

Chris Pelkey


I do have an official title, but a better description of my job is “utility player”. Design, screen printing, color separation –whatever – I want to learn and perfect it all. Other than the creative process, I love my wife and the 80s. Who you gonna call? Ghost! Busters!

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